Who says virtual meetings have to boring?

With the steep rise in working from home and inevitable video conference boom, many of us may find ourselves working in less than ideal, makeshift office space. Why not spruce up your zoom background with something that gives your remote teammates a glimpse into your personality while bringing a little office cheer? MetaCX

Zoom offers a few out of the box virtual backgrounds, but they’re lacking the pizazz and humor we all need after a long week of meetings. Whether you want a funny zoom background or just something to hide the fact that you are working in your laundry room, we’ve created options for everyone.

Browse our gallery of free funny zoom meeting backgrounds, save your favorites, and spice up your next remote video call!

Adding a background to your zoom account is simple. Just follow the instructions from this zoom support article on adding a background image.  You can add more than one and toggle back and forth as the mood strikes you.


Pre-sized custom zoom backgrounds:

(the backgrounds with reversed text are that way intentionally and will appear correctly once they are applied in zoom). Also, it’s completely possible that these backgrounds will work in other video conferencing applications that support custom backgrounds, however, we haven’t tested them yet.