About Mendy: As BLASTmedia‘s CEO, Mendy has nearly two decades of tech PR experience and believes that a people-first business is the foundation of organizational success. She guides the firm’s mission and values, overseeing operations, business strategy, and development, and provides counsel to clients. Mendy graduated from the University of Indianapolis and is married with two sons.

Describe BLASTmedia:

We’re the only PR agency — meaning companies pay us to get them media coverage — in the U.S. dedicated to B2B SaaS. We represent companies in all growth stages, from startup to publicly traded.


As more and more SaaS companies are thinking about a Product-led strategy, how does PR help create momentum for them?

When building our PR plans, we always look for national media opportunities, but trade media is ideal for new companies looking to show momentum and establish their credibility. Trade media is more likely to cover company-focused news like executive hires, integrations and product announcements as well as thought leadership pieces showing your industry knowledge. Adding trade media to your overall approach allows you to create a steady drumbeat of media coverage to inform potential prospects and educate investors about company momentum over time. 


Outside of your typical press release and company news, how should SaaS companies be leveraging PR to help their marketing teams focus on growth?

PR should be integrated into all aspects of demand, from content strategy, advertising strategy and SEO strategy to thought leadership narratives around a specific topic. Well-executed PR can be a vehicle to move prospects through their customer journey. This is especially true with product-led growth (PLG) companies. 

Media coverage is often a brand’s first touchpoint with a prospect. It’s when you introduce your company to the right audience and direct them into your funnel. You then need to continue telling stories written in the language of the customer and talking to the value of the solution. Whether it’s the practitioner who will use the solution or the executive trying to understand its ROI, coverage in their respective target outlets will resonate with each persona.  


What is the #1 metric SaaS companies should focus on as it relates to how PR is performing?

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked this question, I could retire! Unfortunately, there isn’t just one metric. The best PR programs will produce competitive intelligence, a media coverage mix, and other quality metrics, like Domain Authority, backlinks and website sessions driven by articles. You’ll need to analyze all this information together to measure total impact, not just potential reach, so you can better determine what outlets to use/where to invest marketing dollars/attract prospects and investors. 


When growth teams (Marketing, Product, Sales) think about leveraging PR, how should they utilize their existing marketing initiatives alongside PR for maximum impact?

First, I would consider your PR team as part of your growth team. Loop them in on upcoming product announcements, marketing campaigns, and events. If your growth team is pushing messaging that resonates with prospects, your PR team has to know so they can relay the same message through press coverage.

Second, don’t forget to use media coverage in your marketing and sales initiatives. Thought leadership articles in third-party media can be used as fodder for email cadences, showing your industry knowledge to target buyers. 


What’s one thing you wish SaaS and PLG companies knew about PR?

Wow, one thing — do you know me? I wish companies understood PR is more than just putting out press releases. If done strategically, PR can help a company become a thought leader, tell the ‘why’ and ultimately impact the four primary pillars of most SaaS companies: investors, employees, partners, and customers.